3 Responses to And the winning species in the Flourishing Zone is…

  1. treelichen says:

    Congratulations- now you have to go and catch a couple to squash and sequence. A bit cold for them though this time of year; they will be hibernating under a rock or tree crevice?! Is a rule that if they cannot be found within a one week period there is a transferable vote and…?!

    • Helen Smith says:

      Gieven their rarity and protected status, they’re sufficiently versatile to give up a single leg for science and grow a new one (as long as they’re not adult (moulted skins also yield DNA)! Amazingly, they’re under water just now, presumably in air pockets, but will re-appear whenever needed….

  2. emperordragonfly says:

    Excellent news… always wondered what was going on in spider genomes!

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